Why use The Carpenter Group?

Why Use The Carpenter Group?:

The process of dealing with legal claims requires dedicated, professional attention. Facilitating claims and releases or non-conforming liens is a full-time job! You deserve someone who will work as hard as you do. Our qualified professionals will save you time and money by working to avoid costly mistakes, staying in touch with the attorneys, and striving to get the job done quickly.

For Example Ask Yourself:

•        Is it a good idea to spend several thousand dollars to have a $500 Lien released?

•        How will you find an attorney competent in this area of law?

•        If an investigator must be hired, should you hire them yourself to save money or is it better from a legal standpoint to have the attorney hire them?

•        If you choose to prosecute your Cause of Action personally, can you afford to be out the attorney’s fees and court costs if you lose?

•        If you win, and the court awards you your attorney’s fees and court costs, how will you collect them if the Defendant is broke or files bankruptcy to avoid paying you?

•        If additional fees are required for depositions, mediations, etc., will you be able to afford them?

•        How do you determine if it is even worth paying a competent lawyer for a consultation to look over your case?

•        If you have to pursue collection proceedings will you hire a collection agency or a collections attorney to file for post judgment discovery?

The answer is clear. The legal system is a financial gamble.  If your goal is to clear the title of your home as opposed to rolling the dice on potential future monetary gain, then why risk losing your hard earned money.  Here at The Carpenter Group we have the means, expertise, tools, and connections to prosecute your assigned Cause of Action on a national basis. We work very hard to protect your interests as well as our own.  In fact, by our business plan’s design, we can’t protect our interest without protecting your's first. Therefore it is to our advantage and yours for us to aggressively pursue your assigned Cause of Action to us using every tool at our disposal to affect a quick resolution. We pledge to maintain high ethical standards and open and honest communications in all of our business relationships.

If you have a Mechanic's Lien filed against your Texas property, Contact Us NOW at 972-617-7131.

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