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Our Mission Statement:

    The Mission of The Texas Heartland Project is to combat the illicit use of Non-Conforming Mechanic's Liens used by unscrupulous contractors, to extort funds from Texas Property Owners.  Further we strive to effect this cause with no out of pocket expense to the Texas Property Owner.

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Our Services:

    Removal of Non-Conforming Mechanic's Liens:

      The Texas Heartland Project is a venture of The Carpenter Group, a privately held firm based here in Texas. 

      The firm is primarily engaged in the business of pursuing causes of action through the legal course of Assignment.  Once a cause of action is assigned to our firm we assume the rights of the Plaintiffs.  We then hire lawyers, solely at our cost, to file lawsuits, conduct discovery, take depositions and resolve the issue, all with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE to the property owner.  As part of the lawsuit, the lawyers ask the courts to award damages to us which are paid by the Defendant for our compensation.

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